• 01 2019-07

    Fall yarn wool-like local movable pin surface is still insufficient

    Recently, the summer turnover of thin wool-like fabrics in China Textile City market has been slightly declining in the turbulence.

  • 10 2019-07

    Viscose staple fibers still show a slight increase in demand for cotton fabrics

    Recent viscose staple fiber market is still relatively flat, business quotations continue to decline inertia, some enterprises still have low prices, although downstream inquiries are more, but procurement is still more cautious.

  • 15 2019-07

    Identification Method of Components of Various Clothing Fabrics

    A simple way to identify the composition of garment fabrics is combustion method. The method is to take a strand of cloth containing warp and weft yarn at the seam edge of the garment, ignite it with fire, observe the state of the burning flame, smell the smell of the burning yarn, and see the residue after burning, so as to judge whether the fabric components labeled on the durability label of the garment conform to the true or false fabric components.

  • 01 2019-08

    Some Properties of Pure Silk

    Pure silk (SILK) is porous, animal acoustic white fiber, can automatically adjust temperature, warm winter and cool summer, strong air permeability and moisture absorption, containing 18 aminoacids, can promote human metabolism, calm the spirit.

  • 10 2019-08

    A Brief Introduction of New Cashmere Blend Materials

    With the continuous improvement of market demand, enterprises are looking for new materials to blend with cashmere. At present, new materials mainly include soybean protein fiber and Tencel fiber, as well as cotton fiber.

  • 15 2019-08

    Cautions for Chiffon Maintenance

    Don't hang nail-beaded gowns in the wardrobe for a long time, otherwise the soft and loose Chiffon will sag and deform.