Fall yarn wool-like local movable pin surface is still insufficient
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Recently, the summer turnover of thin wool-like fabrics in China Textile City market has been slightly declining in the turbulence.
Recently, the summer turnover of thin wool-like fabrics in China Textile City market has been slightly declining in the turbulence. In autumn, some small and medium-sized wool-like business households in Textile City have limited spot listing, and their movable sales are still insufficient, and there are not many large-scale spot transactions. However, some factory-style cloth companies and large-scale business households have both spot and order delivery. Fabric local sales are relatively smooth in autumn. Fabric local sales of casual wool-like yarns and conventional wool-like yarns are relatively mobile in autumn. Sales of some large-scale businesses are relatively smooth. Local spot imports are slightly increased. Varieties of operating areas are mainly distributed, and best-selling varieties are partial. A small increase, some autumn counterpart new fabric style renovation fabrics have become a hot spot for many counterpart customers. T/R polyester/viscose wool imitation part of small wholesale sales, some front and rear factories have substantial cloth companies and large-scale chartered aircraft. Newly developed new style fabrics have received much business from purchasers of oral loading factories and foreign trade companies. Local order sending is relatively active.

Recent market, subscription customers slightly increased than the previous period, with T/R yarn as the main raw material of the autumn mid-range short fibre wool imitation is still the highlight of some counterpart customers chasing sticks, day-to-day turnover showed a slight upward trend in the turbulence. Over the past few days, suitable for autumn casual jacket, suit, trousers-based T/R65/35 yarn or Yang viscose yarn 20S-30S, 32S-60S single-strand double-strand yarn wool-like fabric with different weave ratios, the total turnover ratio showed a slight upward trend in the early stage, the price increased slightly, some styles renovated and creative popular fabrics. Prices still show a slight upward trend; due to the energy saving and emission reduction needs of some large-scale printing and dyeing enterprises in Xiaoshao area, the elimination of high-polluting and backward equipment, the introduction of advanced printing and dyeing technology, and the improvement of quality and efficiency of printing and dyeing products, the dyeing fees of some fabrics with higher requirements for dyeing and finishing quality are still rising unequally, and the spot prices of some best-selling products have reached 0.10-10. A slight increase of about 0.30 yuan per meter. Especially with T/R65/35 yarn 30S, T/R65/35 yarn 32S, T/R65/35 yarn 40S single-strand or double-stranded yarn 30S, T/R80/20 yarn 32S, T/R80/20 yarn 40S single-strand or double-stranded yarn 40S single-strand or double-strand different ratios of spinning inlaid silk, cotton sliver, concealed sliver, concealed lattice and other fine serge, fine polyester wool, wool-like sliver, color yarn wool-like cloth, etc. The autumn varieties of light casual wool-like fabrics have their respective counterparts'subscriptions. The local trade of wool-like yarns in autumn is still smooth. The local trade of autumn fabrics such as T/R65/35 yarn 32S, T/R65/35 yarn 40S single-stranded or double-stranded conventional silk brocade, single-sided serge, double-sided serge, Satin serge, toothpick Serge and colored yarn board is interactive with many varieties, and there is a slight increase in the previous trade ratio. 。 Due to the preference of purchasers of oral garment factories for wool-like yarns, the demand for autumn suits, trousers and jackets for wool-like fabrics in garment factories has increased locally. The wool-like fabrics of middle-grade yarns have won back customers due to the reliable quality of grey fabrics and finished products, and the large-scale market and factory-style cloth companies have operated in front and back stores. The company's marketing network has been further expanded, and its business is relatively good. The large chartered cylinder users also occupy the market advantage.

Over the past few days, polyester filament as the main staple yarn, including C/C cotton yarn, T/C polyester cotton yarn, Yang-viscose yarn and other staple yarns, autumn leisure wool-like, with weaving style and raw material combination as the selling point, part of the front and rear factory-style clothing companies and large-scale operators have intensified their R&D efforts, highlighting the leisure variety hanging samples relatively more on the market, four colors, seven colors? Colored yarn, snow, cotton wool, colored cotton cloth and other fabrics are processed by irrigation and steaming process, and some are processed by calendering process. Fabric grade is classified, and marketing has been interactive with domestic and foreign sales. But around this year, industry and trade are constrained by high prices and low profits, and have not let go of operation. Most small-scale operators in the market have compressed their operations, and orders are more than on-the-spot sales. Large-scale transactions of small and medium-sized operators are still limited, mainly with screening subscription and small-batch matching subscription. T/R65/35 polyester viscose yarn and T/R80/20 polyester viscose yarn are the main products, and T/R single-sided serge, T/R double-sided serge, T/R Satin back serge, T/R striped serge, T/R ribbon silk, T/R ribbon silk brocade, T/R Fanliding, T/R satin, which have different technological characteristics, are used to make autumn suits and satins. Uniform imitation wool cloth has won orders from Russia, Middle East, Pakistan and European Union countries for many years with the quality advantage of normal density. However, due to the rise in labor costs, the price of Shangdao is higher than that of the same period last year by about 1 yuan/m, but the market price is limited and the profit margin is reduced in an all-round way, resulting in a corresponding reduction in the transaction batches of most small and medium-sized operators. However, some of the new wool imitation products developed by factory-style cloth companies and large-scale operators are in the front and back of stores. Fabric added value has been improved, and the market advantage is obvious.

Recent market, in order to prevent peers from following the trend, local counterparts such as Zhuzhou in Hunan, Shijiazhuang in Hebei, Xiliu Market in Haicheng in Liaoning, Changshu in Jiangsu, Ruian in Zhejiang, Xiqiao Textile City in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have been ordering in small batches and in large quantities. Warehouse packaging and shipment and printing and dyeing manufacturers still have more packaging shippers, occasionally a large number of packaging and shipment. Foreign counterparts in Russia, South Africa, Mexico, the Middle East, Pakistan, India and other countries like wool-like fabrics in autumn, counterpart fabrics also have mid-batch spot transactions or orders sent, some front stores.